“I have no complaints! I would even guess to say that these are the best therapists in the state! They work with you and FOR you. I must say that the food is very good too!”

“I found inner happiness here with the truthfulness and kindness of the staff. I am a former employee in the medical field and the comfort and solace brought to each patient is unlike any I’ve every seen.”

“Being sick or hurt can be hard on anyone, but the friendly, accommodating staff make it a much easier transition. The therapists were wonderful and I must say that the food was great! That was my second time at the Rehab Center of Cape Coral and I went back for a reason.”

-Barbara, former short term rehab patient

“I cannot put into words how exceptional the care is here. The people are so involved and I know they will go above and beyond to help my loved one. It is a very clean environment, the food is fantastic and the therapy is one of a kind. All I can say is that the Rehabilitation Center of Cape Coral is absolutely wonderful.”

“To be the Resident Council President means that I get to talk to a lot of the residents here at Cape Coral Rehab. They feel free to come and talk to me, and I try to help all the residents feel loved, and I help them to know that their voice counts. When we have our Resident Council Meetings, twice a month, I always start by saying ‘even the minority has a voice.’ If someone has an idea, or something they’d like to do, I consider it part of my job to get it done. I am simply a liaison between the residents and staff. My goal is always to increase the sense of belonging. I also encourage a shared sense of responsibility, pride and accomplishment in everything that we do.”